3M Mini Dental Implants in Perris, CA

3M Mini Dental Implants in Perris, CA


A 3m mini dental implant is the smaller form of regular mini implant dentures which supports and secures the loose teeth. It has two main components one is the titanium frame or post with a circular end, and the other one is the socket which is made to attach the loose tooth to the titanium frame. The average of regular dental implants is of around 3.5 mm to 5.5 mm in width whereas mini dental implants are of 0.9 to 1.6 mm in radius and the length is of about 10 to 24 mm.

When mini dental implants are required?

Well, it is true that 3m mini dental implants are only required for some specific reason. There is no such facility that you can choose between a regular dental implant and mini implant dentures so; a mini dental implant can be used in the following specific cases;

  • If the size of your teeth is smaller than the other regular teeth, then the 3m mini dental implant is used.
  • If the premolar or the front teeth of your mouth are required to replace
  • If your mouth does not have enough space or there is a narrow space then the mini dental implant is suggested

Advantages of mini dental implants:

Bone grafting is not required
Unlike traditional dental implants if your jawbone does not have enough space, then you have to undergo bone grafting, but in mini implant dentures, there is no need to have bone grafting. A mini dental implant can be easily done without bone grafting.
No requirement of complex surgery
Yes, the name of the 3m mini dental implant itself suggests that it is a smaller form of dental implants that means it does not require any complex surgery and it can be performed easier than a traditional implant.
It is a comfortable and convenient process
This mini implant denture does not require more time and can be done only in a single visit with your dentist. And you will not any discomfort with mini-implant unlike you may feel with dentures and they can be easily realigned.
Quite affordable and very less complication rate
Unlike other cosmetic procedures, 3m mini dental implants are affordable and budget friendly. The rate of having complications in this mini dental implant is very less, and you will feel comfortable after the process.

Myths associated with MDI

It is very long and time taking process, and you have to wait long to get comfortable?

Well, it is not completely true, after the successful completion of 3m mini dental implants you need to take 48 hours and after this time you will comfortable. And this is the very shortest process of the implant, and it can be performed just by a single visit with your dentist.

Implants are expensive and they not affordable?

No, it is not true because the mini implant dentures are budget-friendly and affordable too. Unlike other cosmetic dentistry procedures dentures, veneers, Invisalign, mini dental implants are cheap and give more comfort than traditional and regular dental implant process.