Conscious Sedation Dentistry in Perris, CA

Conscious Sedation Dentistry in Perris, CA


Many people who are suffering from oral health issues still afraid of dentistry procedures. They have a fear of pain they will feel during the process and think about the discomfort they feel in the entire process. However, the dentist understands this problem of patients that is the reason they prefer conscious sedation dentistry for those patients. Yes, conscious sedation dentistry is the perfect solution for those who are afraid of pain and discomfort.

What is sedation dentistry?

In sedation, dentistry dentist will inject a drug into your body before the dental process takes place. They use one general anesthesia for the patient that was enough to make them unconscious. However, there are few types of sedation dentistry includes:

Oral Sedatives

In oral sedatives, dentist used to prefer diazepam which is actually a drug and very helpful to keep patient unconscious. After the injection of this drug, the patient will stay in relax mode for long hours, and you will not feel pain or discomfort after this drug during the process. When you wake up, you will still feel sleepy until it completely wears off.

Intravenous Sedatives

IV sedatives have different stages to keep you unconscious and with a different particular time interval. Another name of IV sedatives is General Anesthesia, and the effect of IV sedatives will remain till it completely wears off. With this drug, you will get sleepy for long hours which is also known as twilight sleep, and you do not even the remember the process and not even aware about what is happening.

Nitrous Oxide Gas

It is a normal anesthesia which can get quickly off in the form of gas. Your dentist will spray gas in your surroundings, then you will feel sleepy, and once it wears off, you can feel conscious and go home without any issues.

Who requires oral sedation dentistry?

People who have specific issues require oral sedation dentistry and reasons are as follows:

  • If you have the wrong experience with your previous dentist.
  • Feeling anxiety and you have the phobia of dental.
  • If your sensitive nerves and your mouth get sore easily.
  • If you have a fear of dental equipment and you do not want to experience them.

What is the benefit of oral sedation dentistry?

If you have a fear of needles or surgical equipment, then you should choose oral sedation dentistry. But select the type of drug carefully because IV sedation will keep unconscious for a very long time and it can cause more anxiety than any other thing. So, you will choose, and you should advise your dentist to choose normal sedation for your surgery. It will keep unconscious for a particular period, and then you will not be sleepy anymore.