Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Perris, CA

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Perris, CA

It is a surgical procedure which is performed by dental surgeons who has the expertise in the wisdom tooth removal. Every adult has four wisdom teeth two on the bottom of the mouth at the back and other two at the top of the mouth at the back. It happens with many people that they do not have enough space in their gums and when a wisdom tooth is impacted it causes pain. And that wisdom tooth is only be extracted if it has some kind of dental issue or your wisdom tooth is decayed or damaged. In such condition, your dentist will recommend you to have a wisdom tooth extraction.

Why wisdom tooth removal is required?

The impaction of a wisdom tooth is usually occurring at the age of 18 to 25 years in adults. Wisdom tooth is also known as the third molar; some people do not feel any pain in the occurrence of wisdom tooth whereas others feel a huge pain in the occurrence. However, there are a few reasons which your problems and you finally decided to extract the wisdom tooth by an oral surgeon.

  • If you are suffering from periodontal diseases such as gum infection or Gingivitis
  • When your wisdom tooth is impacting it is also damaging your nearby tooth
  • You want to perform some orthodontic treatment to align your teeth, but your wisdom tooth is creating a problem
  • The food you are eating is being trapped on the back of wisdom tooth
  • You are continuously experiencing serious pain in your wisdom tooth

All the above-mentioned reasons cause a problem, and you have to undergo wisdom tooth extraction process to get wisdom tooth pain relief.

What are the common oral surgeries performed?

Well, at Nuevo Perris dental clinic we have a wide range of dentistry, and we also have an expert oral surgeon who performs oral surgeries. We are a famous and trusted dental clinic in California along with we deal with numerous dentistry procedures such as Implants, dentures, bridges, dental cleaning, whitening and more. We also have oral surgeries, and some of the oral surgeries we right now have in our clinic are;

  • Tooth Extraction
  • Impacted Tooth Extraction
  • Wisdom tooth Removal
  • Restorative dentistry

How to prevent dental problems?

If you are not having any issue with the wisdom tooth and you still want to extract it, then dental surgeon disagrees this and will not let you remove your wisdom tooth. But you can prevent your dental problem by taking some specific steps;

  • Avoid junk food, soft drink, and alcohol
  • Take a minimal amount of coffee and tea in a day
  • Reduce the sugar intake because it can damage or decay your teeth
  • Make a habit a brushing twice in a day and flossing once in a day
  • Make a regular visit to your dentist for a regular dental checkup
  • Use mouthwash and tongue cleaner to clean and fresh your entire mouth area
  • Avoid smoking and usage of tobacco because can damage your teeth and lead to fallen teeth